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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take?

A. There is no fixed period. How long counselling / therapy will take to address the issue you wish to work on will depend upon the issue and you. We will however have periodic reviews to look at where you are within the process and you can raise any concerns you may have to me at any time.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. My standard rate for individuals is £60 for a fifty minute session and for couples, £110 for an hour and a quarter. I will see couples for a fifty minute session for £80 but would recommend that the hour and a quarter option is exercised for the initial meeting. My rates are negotiable under certain circumstances (if you are on benefits or unwaged for example).

Q. When will I know when to finish?

A. We will have periodic reviews regarding your original reason for coming. If at any time you feel that you would like to end our work together, then we will discuss that and whether you have resolved the issues you came with. The choice of whether to continue or end will always lie with you

Q. What does Person Centred mean?

A. Person Centred is a way a counsellor or therapist works with a client which is empathic, respectful and non-judgemental of you and the issues you may bring.

Q. What is Transactional Analysis

A. Transactional Analysis is a theory originally developed by Eric Berne which has been further developed over the years. Three of TA's principles are that everyone has the capacity to change, that we are striving for psychological health and that there is equality in the therapeutic relationship between myself the therapist and you, the client.

Q. What does Psychodynamic mean?

A. Here it means that I work with your unconscious process. By that I mean the underlying reasons for why you may do certain things or get into particular relationships or unhealthy patterns of behaviour.

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